nurulita adriani rahayu

I currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia with Bonzo, my frenchie
who has big sentimental eyes and always snores like a pig.

Born and grew up in Bandung, till earned a degree in chemical engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology.
I then moved to pursue my love, capturing persona in people faces.

My job is my passion.
I love the dynamics and the challenges that come in it and
the opportunity to work with many amazingly creative and talented people.

My modesty melts away behind the camera,
expressing my thoughts and feelings every time I click on the shutter button.

I start my day dancing along to stereophonic’s have a nice day-song with a self made cup of coffee in my hand.
I always crave for manga,and have a soft spot for adachi mitsuru and urasawa naoki works.
I’m mad about prodigy and fatboy slim, try to do shuffling with their songs that mostly fails.

I love the smell of sunshine. I love impossible things. I love life.